Friday 14. 08. 2020 - 22:06 Uhr - RealRtCW on Steam

= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RealRtCW is coming to Steam =

Yes, Wolfenstein Community, you read that headline correctly, RealRtCW mod is coming to Steam! Wolfetplayer has been working on this project for a long time, but finally RealRtCW has its own Steam Store page.

What does it mean for the future of the mod?

Steam is an amazing platform for both users and developers. Steam can provide constant and more frequent updates and it will be much more convenient for you to download them! However, don't worry, Wolfetplayer is planning to maintain both Steam and ModDB versions of the mod.

Steam Workshop and Steam Cloud

Wolfetplayer is planning to take a full advantage of the Steam Workshop feature. All custom maps addons are going to be uploaded there for easy download and access. Steam cloud is also supported. Now your saves and configs are going to be in sync with cloud drive.

Release date?

The Steam version of RealRtCW is going to be released this year. We can't tell you the exact week or month, but it's coming when it's ready. RealRtCW still requires more polishing and bugfixing to proper represent our RtCW modding community in Steam.

Add RealRtCW to your Steam Wishlist HERE

Source - ModDB - Wolfetplayer

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Monday 10. 08. 2020 - 15:41 Uhr - The Dark Army Uprising Remastered

= Return to Castle Wolfentein =

= The Dark Army Uprising - Remastered =

William Faure has released his much-anticipated, updated version of his classic Return to Castle Wolfenstein modification, The Dark Army Uprising - Remastered. Here is what William had to say about this latest version:

Finally, after 3 years of development, the overhaul of The Dark Army Uprising is complete and after a total of  7 years, the mod is at last what it was always supposed to be. I hope you'll like it.  - William Faure

New Features:

  • New playable levels
  • Re-imagined story
  • Deeper storytelling (new cutscenes, new dialogues...)
  • Revamped, improved and expanded maps
  • Coherent and realistic level design
  • Reworked Day & Night campaign features
  • Brand new dynamic user-interface
  • Movie-like camera angles during cutscenes
  • New "Realism" difficulty (RealRTCW 3.0)
  • New weapons & items (RealRTCW 3.0)
  • New secret areas & treasures
  • New Easter-eggs & secrets
  • New Game+ mode (coming soon)
  • Dark Campaign (coming soon)
  • Dark Realm (coming soon)


Download the new release HERE

Source - ModDB - William Faure

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Friday 31. 07. 2020 - 01:03 Uhr - Real Age of Horror

= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= Real Age of Horror =

Vicpas has released a new version of his amazing Return to Castle Wolfenstein singleplayer adventure, entitled, RtCW Age of Horror.  There's 18 maps to play, plus a special bonus map too, with each level being an excellent challenge for all players, new or old.

What makes this new version even better? It's due to it now being compatible with the superb RealRtCW, created by Wolfetplayer.

What's new? :

  • New weapons
  • Rebalanced AI
  • More new secret areas
  • More new areas in some levels
  • More enemies and actions
  • New features from RealRtCW Mod


Download Real Age of Horror HERE

Source - ModDB - Vicpas

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