Some of our special services for you  

Enemy Territory Campaign Creator

An easy way to create your very own ET campaigns.

Go to ET Campaign Creator

Omnibot Waypoint-Checkout Service

You are tired from downloading your mapspecific botfile piece by piece
from ?
Here`s the easy solution for your problem:
The Wolffiles BotSVN checkout service
Simply download the last checkout, or create a new one on the fly when new files were commited to the bot-svn server

Go to BotSVN checkout service

ET Masterserver List Crawler (

You are interessted wether your server is listed on masterserver or not?
You don`t know it because the ingame serverbrowser is not displaying the server you`re looking for?
Simply try our ET Masterserver List Crawler
Crawl our masterserver checkout for your server

ET Masterserver List Crawler


You`re tired of using you ssh-client to start or stopp your gameserver?
You want to do this in an easy way with the help of your browser?
You want to allow people to start or stopp gameserver without the needing of a ssh account?

Maybe this will help you:
Our Gameserver Panel

Gameserver Panel