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Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Unreal Engine 4

Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Unreal Engine 4

Latest Update

This is the latest update from Chris Sewell and his excellent Return to Castle Wolfenstein project in the Unreal 4 engine. If you think it was good the first time then you'll love this updated version.


  • Added ambience SFX to start area
  • Added water dipping SFX to start area
  • Additional detail to doctors room
  • Starting working on the switch that controls electricity in doctors room (not finished)
  • Additional detail to armoury area
  • Additional detail to Tower
  • Additional detail to Castle interior (building you go to after exiting the tower)
  • Added gate to Rooftop gate and scripted events
  • Additional detail to barraks
  • Additional detail to all castle interiors after going back into the castle from the exterior
  • Added cobwebs to ceiling of the last area