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23.09.2014 - 21:35:14


I have downloaded rtcwcoop_0.9_windows.and extracted the file.When i attempted to run rtcwcoop I get the message’couldn’t load default.cfg.Copy console log to clipboard?’.
Why is the application not running(whay am I missing)?

It appears that this is not the full download for Return to Castle Wolfenstein Coop,but where does one download the full free version?

Please help.


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24.09.2014 - 06:27:50

Hello wowwie,
I believe there is no free full version of RtCW.
You have to buy RtCW to play this modification.

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24.09.2014 - 17:54:53

You can buy the game here, Wowwie: RtCW

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