The Dark Army Remastered

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

The Dark Army Remastered - Update Patch

William Faure has released a new patch update for his Return to Castle Wolfenstein modification, The Dark Army Remastered. The new patch takes the release version from 1.25 to version 1.50 and you must have version 1.25, which is the full version of the mod, installed prior to installing the new patch update.

What's new?:

  • Achievements revised (easier and faster).
  • Various gameplay issues fixed.
  • Font quality enhanced.
  • HUD font updated.
  • Fixed scope ratio.
  • HUD revised.
  • HUD health and armor bars added.
  • HUD Color system setting added (30+ options).
  • Credits menu revised and updated.
  • Notebook menu revised.
  • Notebook objectives list display fixed.
  • Notebook assets revamped.
  • Pregame screens revised.
  • Pregame texts re-added.
  • Pregame arts re-added.
  • Pregame arts dynamic shader def. added.


Download the full version 1.25 HERE

Download the latest patch update HERE

Source - ModDB - William Faure

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