Fueldump Reverse Beta 3

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Fueldump Reverse Beta 3

Teuthis has released his version of the classic Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory map, Fueldump, recreated and re-imagined with a new storyline.

The Axis troops are hiding a stolen Allied tank in the Fueldump Fortress to get information on the allied tank technology and weapon strength. Allied headquarters is planning a massive airstrike to destroy the Fueldump area. The Allies must steal the tank and escort it out of the area before the Allied airstrike kicks in.

Allied Map Objectives:

  • Dynamite the depot gate.
  • Steal the tank.
  • Destroy the tunnel doors.
  • Escort the tank over the bridge.
  • Destroy the escape door to leave the area.

Allied Secondary Map Objectives:

  • Destroy the Fuel Depot side entrance.
  • Destroy the Axis command post.
  • Build the Allied command post.



  • The original creators of the Fueldump map.
  • Simonoc, for his great tutorials on alpha blending and for shaders and textures.
  • Niger, Aciz, Kemon, Thunder and Mateos for technical support.
  • The ETs Clan for testing and feedback.
  • Special thanks to the Wolf Team map-making community.

Download Fueldump Reverse Beta 3, (Botfiles included) HERE

Source - Splatterladder - Kate

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