RtCW Vendetta 2

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

RtCW Vendetta 2

Yo$hik has released RtCW Vendetta 2, the follow-on mission from RtCW Vendetta 1.3.3. In order to play this new mission you must have RtCW Vendetta 1.3.3 already installed.

If you require the English translation in-game, place the sp_pak9.pk3 file into your main folder of RtCW.


Installation instructions:

Place all downloaded files in your Return to Caste Wolfenstein root folder. In order to launch the game, use either the Vendetta.x86.exe or Vendetta.x64.exe, depending on your operation system you use.

Download RtCW Vendetta 2 HERE

If you also need version 1.3.3 download it HERE

Source - ModDB -Yo$hik

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