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Last week, some players of our RtCW Community had the idea to have a Nationscup, given the current corona crisis. Faster and me decided to organise one! The last Nationscup on RtCW was held about 10 years ago, so this is a nice opportunity to have another one! Given the current playerbase, some nations will join forces. The idea is to have it in 1 weekend, while taking a break between the groupstage and playoffs of the Winter Cup that is currently ongoing. MerlinatoR will shoutcast games that he is not playing in and there might also be a chance that TosspoT will join the cast, fingers crossed!

Date: Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 April 2020
Start: 19.00 CET
Format: 6v6
Map pool: Assault, Beach, Village, Ice, Frostbite, Base
Format: League (Round Robin)

Shoutcast & Stream:
Great Britain - MerlinatoR (UK games/others whenever he can): HERE

Poland - Szczurek (Poland games): HERE
Germany - C0bra (German games): HERE
Belgium - Vodka (Belgian games): HERE
Netherlands - Leonneke (Dutch games): HERE

RtCW Discord Channel HERE

Download RTCW 1.4 (pre-installed) HERE

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