Splatterladder Wolf:ET HD Pack 2.6

= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= Splatterladder Wolf:ET HD Pack 2.6 =


This is the updated version of my HD Pack for 'Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory'. There are now two files in the download, however, the larger file is not downloaded by the players joining the server, only the small 14MB file is downloaded directly. - Wolf Enstein


Mod Installation for Server-Admins:

Put the '.pk3' files into the 'etmain' folder only and the small file will be downloaded by players joining your server. They'll have to go to in order to download and use the main HD texture pack.

To uninstall this mod just delete the file.

Installation for Players:

Put the '.pk3' files into your 'etmain' folder. If it's also in the 'etmain' folder of a gameserver you join you will see the HD-textures, weapons and uniforms in-game.

Download the new version HERE

Source - Splatterladder - Wolf Enstein

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