DRH Adlernest

= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= DRH Adlernest Beta 3.1 =


This is Devils Right Hand's latest release of the classic "Adlernest" map for "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory". The map was originally designed and created by Dersaidin. Alterations have been made in order to improve the overall gameplay.

What's new? :

- The size of the bushes at the Allies' outside approach terrain has been reduced.

-  Some crates at the door control storage area have been removed.

- Also, some crates at the Allied radio transmitter have been removed.


Please send map feedback and bug reports on "Discord" to Devils Right Hand#2240

Download the new version and botfiles HERE

The Wolfteam website HERE

Source - Splatterladder - Devils Right Hand



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