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= etl: Bergen version 3.7z =


After extensive testing and feedback from the Wolfenstein Community a new and updated version of "etl: Bergen" has just been released.

to previous version:
•    Fixed caulk in terrain at forward bunker and northern courtyard. Thank you Ryven for reporting.
•    Fixed side entrance being unplantable when footbridge was constructed. Thank you Harlekin for reporting.
•    Fixed missing footbridge related VO sound for Axis
•    Fixed bug where sound wouldn't play when main entrance got destroyed
•    Fixed 3 terrain spots where it was possible for the player to either get stuck or be obstructed in their way. Thank you Harlekin for reporting.
•    Added cabinet marker in the command map. Thank you IR4T4 and Ensiform for reporting.
•    Added lights in forward bunker. Thank you Ensiform for reporting.
•    Added audible feedback to generator door levers when generator is destroyed.
•    Added base alarm sounding whenever the transmitter area gets breached. This replaces the simple text announcement. Thank you Ryven and WuTangH for debugging.
•    Added ambient sounds (capturable flag, crickets in nature and birds in trees). Thank you IR4T4 for reporting.
•    Adjusted trigger_hurt of v1 rocket to cover entire explosion area. Thank you Harlekin for reporting.
•    Adjusted terrain at side entrance to prevent the easiest TJs. Thank you Aciz and Ryven for extensive feedback.
•    Adjusted MG murderhole at side entrance to reduce shooting against the insides. Also adjusted its varc. Thank you Ryven for reporting.
•    Adjusted tree at side path to no longer be partially inside the cliff. Thank you Harlekin for reporting.
•    Replaced generator command map icon with standard icons to clarify mission objective. Thank you Harlekin for reporting.
•    Replaced tree between forward bunker and allied mg blocking line of sight. Thank you Mateos for reporting.
•    Removed little tree at side path blocking movement and visibility. Thank you Harlekin for reporting.
•    Reduced brushcount of terrain significantly and added hills between forward bunker and rear base to increase VIS blocking and performance. Thank you Aciz and Ryven for reporting.

Screenshots - New versus old:

Download the new version HERE

ET: Legacy website HERE


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