Stiglitz Beta 1

= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= Stiglitz Beta 1 =


This is an awesome new map for "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory", created by Kemon and Phisherman.

Storyline - July 1943:
Local resistance reported a branch of Deathshead’s X-Labs in a small remote village. Stiglitz, an OSA agent, has been sent to infiltrate the facility and gather intel of Deathshead’s activities. Communication went dead some days ago and Stiglitz is suspected to have been spotted and is soon to be executed. The Allies are trying to make their way through the village, free Stiglitz and escort him back to safety, so he can be debriefed at the OSA headquarters.


Download the new map HERE

Source - Splatterladder Forums - Kemon


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