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It gives us great pleasure to announce to our Wolfenstein Community that the iconic "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" servers, run by "TOAK RtCW", are now back up and running again for us all to enjoy. The new servers now run on the excellent "ioRtCW" engine, a more modern and stable version of "Return to Castle Wolfenstein"

Many thanks to Nihilist for all his hard work on the project.

The four servers that are now operational so far are:

# |ToaK|Depot(24/7)

# |ToaK|Carnage

# |ToaK|Veteran-Deathmatch Server

# |ToaK|Classic Maps Server

Click the banners below to take you to all the details you need in regards to server information:





TOAK RtCW website HERE

Source - TOAK Guestbook - Laura

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