RtCW Cooperative - Timegate

= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod =

= RtCW Coop - Timegate =


This is Yo$hik's release of the classic "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" singleplayer mission, "RtCW Timegate", that he's converted for "Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod". Fighting your way through this mission you'll come up against many familiar foes, but this time you're not alone. Here's what Yo$hik had to say about his new "RtCW Cooperative" adventure:

"You can play with the RtCW Coop autosave spawn option or with the flag zones, (recommended), spawn option.  All trap-doors are removed, all moving platforms will return and they move in a  loop. The cable-car and lifts have a delayed start time, this provides some extra time for players with different pings to connect to the server and not spawn in air :) . Cutscenes are rebuilt and now playable. I've added new, small areas, new secret places, models, music, etc. too. The locomotive now has a longer journey for more fun. I hope you all enjoy this new mission and have a lot of fun playing it. Cheers!" - Yo$hik



Yo$hik would like to thank the following people.

# The creators of the original "RtCW Timegate" mission, Priv and Pbald.

# Tatiana Provorova for all her map testing and help for this release.

Download the new mission HERE

Yo$hik on Youtube HERE

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