The Wolfenstein Skeleton Exporter v1.1

= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= Wolfenstein Skeleton Exporter v1.1 =


Due to many of the original links to this software now being in a "broken" state, we have uploaded it to "" for easy download access for our Wolfenstein Community.

This software was originally created by Jim Dosé of "Ritual Entertainment" and then modified by TiCaL of the "Tramdesign" website. Many thanks also to Ryan Feltrin for his input in the development of this excellent software.

The "Wolfentein Skeletal Exporter" imports/exports skeleton models (*.MDS) for use with "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". It supports Character Studio v2.2 or higher and can be used in conjunction with "3DS Max". The download includes the "buildmds.dll" and the "skelout.dle" files, a "readme.mht" is also included, which will take you to the webpage with all the installation instructions you need.

Download the software HERE

Source - Wolfenstein European Brigade - {WeB}*GANG$TA*


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