RealRtCW 2.1 Released

= RealRtCW 2.1 =


WolfETPlayer has now released the latest version of his superb rebuild of Return to Castle Wolfenstein singleplayer, RealRtCW 2.1. with  3 RtCW SP-addons on board too. This new version of the mod is now running on the remarkable ioRTCW engine with included widescreen support, sound improvements, bug/crash fixes, and much more.

The 3 Return to Castle Wolfenstein SP missions available for now are:

# RealRtCW Capuzzo

# RealRtCW Timegate

# RealRtCW Stalingrad

The main changes are:

  • ioRTCW engine (widescreen support, better sounds etc.)
  • New weapons. New models for the old weapons
  • Total sound overhaul
  • Custom maps support
  • Balance changes and more! Check out the "readme" file for the full changelog


Download RealRtCW version 2.1 HERE

Download RealRtCW Capuzzo HERE

Download RealRtCW Timegate HERE

Download RealRtCW Stalingrad HERE

Source - RonboyProductions - Ronboy

RealRtCW on ModDB HERE

It's time, once again, to Return to Castle Wolfenstein!



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