UJE Halloween B3 Released

UJE Niek released the new version (b3) of UJE halloween



The theme is set to halloween
Axis have invaded a ghosttown and they have hidden some halloween parts in the ghosthouse.
Allies have to get the halloween parts and escort them with the truck to theire base
There are lot's of ghosts in this town so....
Beware and don't get killed by some traps and ghosts and spiders
Have lot's of fun.

Axis objective:

*Defend the ghosthouse gate
*Build the baricade
*Fix commandpost
*Hold the flagspawn
*Defend the halloween parts
*stop the truck

Allied objective

*Build the commandpost for closer spawn
*Destroy the ghosthouse gate
*Steal the halloween parts
*Escort the truck


Test or download the map here

Sources : Niek via Splatterladder

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# 1 von macbeth
the best halloween map i played

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