CTF Firelite

= CTF Firelite Beta 1 =


This is Magic's new map release, CFT Firelite. As the title of the map suggests, it's a new "CTF", ( Capture The Flag ), frag map. On this version, however, it's not just  a case of capturing and defending various flags in order to win the round.

Each team must capture the enemy's flags and get them all the way back to their own base. Each team must complete this objective for a total of three times to gain victory over their opponents.

Magic would like to thank the following members of the Wolfenstein Community for their help in creating his new map:

- Dood for the map botfiles and waypoints

- Avoc for the map skybox

- Rayban for his example maps and models

= Screenshots =

Download the new map HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Magic

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