RtCW SP Mission - Fortress 2 V1.1

= Return to Castle Wolfenstein SP Mission =

= The Fortress 2 Version 1.1 =


The Fortress 2 is an addon for Rtcw SP, developed by Vicpas. Development for this project took a few years, but finally Vicpas finished the project as an "almost perfect" addon.

There are a total of 6 maps, one of them is a cutscene. The difficulty is easy, but tough in some areas, giving it a "easy to medium" difficulty. You are dropped near a German occupied fortress via parachute and there are a variety of enemies to fight and objectives to complete.

=Changes on version 1.1=

1] All levels were optimised with textures/common/areaportal and Hint brushes.

2] Added more effects on explosions (Cannons and vehicles) .

3] Added camera interruption on level 2 (all cutscene) .

4] Solved the minor bugs that are on the Beta version.

5] Removed some models and textures for optimization.

6] Added new models for explosions effects.

7] Solved problems with terrain on level 3 with option "video vertex(low)".

8] Some changes have been made to the gameplay.

9] Added new sounds for weapons (MG42, MP40, and Dynamite).


Download The Fortress 2 Version 1.1 HERE

Source - Vicpas - Gamebanana



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