ioRTCW 1.42b

= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Modification =

= ioRTCW 1.42b =


This is the latest update for the new ioRTCW engine, which has enabled the modernising of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. This excellent work has already been incorporated in the Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod.

= Changes & Fixes =

MP: Fix vm_ cvars. Value of 2 uses qvm and falls back to dll if not available for use (as in the case of legacy mods)
All: Fix OpenAL dll detection on 64-bit Windows.
SP: Fix frozen spirits in cutscene at 'end' (final map)
All: Use same size for moon (r_drawsun) in both renderers
MP: Fix download loop when connecting to pure mod servers
All: Fix overflow on newer cards with very long lists of GL extensions
SP: Fix menu crash when displaying long strings of GL extensions
All: Use OpenAL-Soft on Mac instead of Apple's implementation
All: Add the old cl_avidemo back in for backward compatibility (Screenshot method - no sound)
SP: Fix crash when using pmove_fixed 1
All: Make r_fullscreen a latched cvar again (require video restart).
MP: Fix g_doWarmup cvar
All: Fix sound stutter at map changes.
MP: Fix voice chats being cut off by other sounds.
SP: Partially fix character lip animations when using OpenAL
MP: Fix searchlights like on mp_dam
All: Removed the 'xxx... entered the game' messages
All: Fix a bunch of shader and drawing issues in rend2.
All: Fix missing wall marks in Rend2 (bullet holes, etc)

All: A bunch of more "under-the-hood" code cleanup and fixes.

Download the Windows 32 bit version HERE

Download the Windows 64 bit version HERE

Download the Mac (Universal Binary) version HERE

Download the Mac (Terminal based binaries) HERE

Download the Linux 32 bit version HERE

Download the Linux 64 bit version HERE

ECGN website HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Mateos

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