Tutotial: ET getstatus exploit
Our tutorial section contains a new content which explain the getstatus exploit
which currently attacks masses of server.

You`re a server admin?
Even if you didn`t noticed those attackes, it`s possible that also you`re standing in the line of fire!

Ok, you not noticed the attacks, so why the hell you should do something against them?
It`s easy to answer this:
The exploited server sends datapackages out to spoofed IP adresses.
A serveradmin reported a 200MBit/s upstream (in sum) to a high count of random IP adresses, some of the admins behind the IP adresses sent abuse mails to his hoster.
The hoster pulled out the cable, the server went offline.
But even if your server sends out only 2MBit/s, it`s simply wasted traffic.

To find out more about the exploit, the problems solution, read here

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