Baserace pack b3

12.01.2014 - 01:57:22

Hallo, habe mal mein altes baserace pack geupdated.

Baserace Server Pack (b3)
Das Pack beinhaltet die Maps Baserace, Baserace Desert, Baesrace Winter und enthält auch ETPro Configs,, Mapscripte und LUA Dateien.

Baserace server pack (b3)
A baserace all-in-one pack
The pack contains the maps Baserace, Baserace Desert, Baesrace Winters and also includes etpro configs, mapscripts and lua files. An all around careless package.

- Baserace 10 on 10 config
- Baserace 8 on 8 config
- Baserace 6 on 6 config
- improved mapscripts (announcements has been highlighted)
- scoreboard.lua (announces the scores so you don't need to keep them in mind)
- newest globalcombined.lua 0.5

Download link:


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13.01.2014 - 18:00:49

Thanks for the info, M!cha ;) .

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