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schnoog Marianne, you shouldn`t rename bsp files.
/rcon yourrconpassword map adlernest_desert01
should start the map, when the pk3 is located in etmain (and, oc, the server was restarted after the pk3 was added)
The scrip which starts our testserver do exactly the same as I suggested you to extract the mapname which is needed to start the map.

in a linux shell, you can use:
unzip -l YOURPK3 3 | grep 'bsp' | awk '{print $4}' | cut -f 2 -d /

macbeth i renamed the bsp file to can have the map working like : adlernest_desert_advanced
schnoog Hi Marianne,

simple start one of our testserver with the map ;)
It`s easy:
On this page

select one of the available server, and use one of the mod - buttons to start a testserver.
A second browser tab will open, with the server-address and also a button to stop the server when testing is done, otherwise the server will quit after 30min.

Maybe a tip for future problems:
As you know, a pk3-file is nothing more than a renamed zip-archive.
You can open a pk3 with WinRar, WinZip or each other file compressor supporting the zip standard.
If you open a map pk3, you`ll see some folders, one is called maps, open this folder and you`ll
see the bsp-file, which names the map.
For example:
bremen_final.pk3 -> included folder "maps" -> bremen_final.bsp -->> mapname to use bremen_final
adlernest_desert_advanced.pk3 -> included folder "maps" -> adlernest_desert01.bsp -->> mapname: adlernest_desert01

Hope this helps you
macbeth hello
i tried to test this map with mine local host and on 1 of our server but the map.pk3 is not loaded at all

seems it cant find the bsp

did you have an ip server who is running this map
thanks you for the helps

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