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Flame-guards july 2013

Flame-guards july 2013

Flame-guards july 2013


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"The Axis only secure way to pass the deadly open area is to sneak through the Sewers to reach the gun at the courtyard which pulverizes a new way though the bloody walls. From this point they have to advance to the Rocket launching area to destroy the Allie´s last Power instrument"
"Allies supremacy has suffered from the strong-minded Axis forces recently. Their last resort deep beyond the enemy region has to be held at all costs. Don´t lose the missile silo control to the enemy!"
"The Axis are about to surrender to the invading Allies. Their only chance not to lose control of the last remaining rocket base is to neutralize it. Allies have to prevent Axis from taking over this strategical Factory Complex at all costs"


Allied objectives

1 "Protect the Sewer Exit gate to crush the invaders"
2 "Defend the gun parts"
3 "Don't let axis build the gun, load it and fire"
4 "Don't let axis breach the Trainyard Blast Door"
5 "Defend the Power Generator that seals the Basement Gate Magnetic Field"
6 "Don't let axis rob the armory keycard"
7 "Defend the rocket. Don't let the explosive charges get close to it"
8 "
Don't let axis blow the rocket"

Axis objectives

1 "Destroy the Sewer Exit Gate"
2 "Rob 3 gun parts and take them to the gun"
3 "Build the gun, rob the ammo crate and fire the gun"
4 "Destroy the Trainyard Blast Door"
5 "Destroy the Power Generator to release the Basement blast gate"
6 "Rob the Armory Keycard and open the Armory door"
7 "Take all explosives to the rocket bomb"
8 "
Destroy the rocket !!!!"