ET ServerViewer v5.1

16.09.2007 : 02:05
Enemy Territory Server Viewer (ETSV) is a lightweight software to easy browse your favorite or generic internet game servers without starting "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" or "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars". And with an instant click away to join the selected server. ETSV also supports features such as minimizing and keep track of your buddies where they are playing.

Superior ease of use filter technology adopted from other very popular game browser softwares.

Download & Info:

--> ET ServerViewer v5.1
--> ETSV Website
Since the release of ETQW Demo, SD guys have changed the URL for the ETQW Demo servers. To get the latest version of the serverlist for ETQW Demo. Go to options of ETSV and then select ETQW game and change master server ip to following:|FaL|RollerCoaster
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