ET-Tool: Clean-ET v1.28

11.09.2007 : 17:18
Since ages there is a bug in enemy territory, causing it to create many different errors when there are to many pk3's in your etmain-directory.
The only 'quick and dirty' method to fix it, is to reinstall et and download all maps again.

I started to move the files to a storage folder by hand and only keep those needed by my favourite servers, this tool makes the same for you automaticly. You can select from standard-servers or add your own, your selection/servers will be saved in a configfile. Files which partially match the name will also be moved, because there are more and more pk3s with the same name but different content.

It's also possible to select some pk3 which you want to keep even if they are not used by a server, this is for soundpacks/skins.
This selection will also be saved in a configfile.

Finally when you click 'Clean ET' it will move the unnecessary files to 'storage', needed to etmain and even download pk3 who are missing or create a downloadlist for leechget and so on.

Neat side-effect when you got fewer pk3's in etmain: et will start quicker and use less memory.

Download & Info:

--> ET » Tools » Clean-ET v1.28
--> Info & Screenshots @ Bunker-Gaming
It will look every day for updates, and ask you if you want to install it (if a new version is available).Bunker Gaming