ETServerWatch 1.4

29.08.2007 : 20:50
ETServerWatch was designed to manage an own list of Enemy Territory server.

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ETServerWatch 1.4''
--> ETSW Homepage
  • Own list of ET servers
  • Global ET server list
  • Easy append server
  • Easy delete server
  • Administration of TeamSpeak connection data
  • Easy connect to ET and / or TeamSpeak
  • Import / Export for ETSW-server lists (without TS-user data!)
  • Import of "The All seeing eye" and "HLSW" server lists
  • Status display (Player, Map, Config, Mod)
  • Automatically refresh (range selectable, deactivate)
  • Automatically disable all transfers after connect to ET-server
  • Pass through for commandline commands to Enemy Territory
  • Filter for Data:
    • Hide empty / full server
    • Hide inactive server
    • Filter for MOD
    • Filter for playername
    • Filter for Buddy-list
    • Filtern for servername

  • German and english help integrated (Press F1 for help)
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