27.08.2007 : 16:07
"As you might all know many guys are leaving ET due to RL issues or cheaters. So I think it is time to renew ET to keep it alive untill at least RtCW2. Everyone should also have seen that ET:QW does not keep what it said. It is fully NOT comparable with ET and is really boring for me at least."
--> #xfire-project Website
The To Do List:

1. The Cheaters:

To prevent the cheating scum from taking over the upper competitions, we need to build up a bigger and more active Cheatbuster crew. The first attempts were ok already but it is getting more and more inactive and noone really cares about doing the "big Bust". If you feel like helping the community with this PMME, immediately.
2. The Maps:
ET is getting boring with the all-time maps Supply and Braundorf, Radar... So it it time that all map-makers start again to make new competitive maps for the future. So the last LAN will not be CDC3.
3. The Mod:
A new mod would give us some time to change some important gameplay bugs and prevent cheaters from taking ET fully over. The cheating community would first need to code a new cheat, and if we got the Cheatbuster Crew running, everything will fit.
If you guys do not want that ET dies in the next few months or probably already after the CDC3 then help me to build up a working project to get ET back to the "goo' ol' times".

It is time for some changes! It is up to YOU!
Idle in the channel and ask the ops for positions!SplashDamage