ET-Map: FG Warzone (Final)

23.08.2007 : 21:48

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The Axis are about to surrender to the invading Allies. Their only chance not to lose control of the last remaining rocket base is to neutralize it. Allies have to prevent Axis from taking over this strategical Factory Complex at all costs.

Map Features:

  • 6 different spawn locations for Axis
  • 5 different spawn locations for Allies
  • Time Extensions upon objective completion. This avoid having a long lasting round and ends the round quickly if the Axis team can get past a specific objective
  • 1 Neutral command post
  • 6 MG42 gun nests
  • 6 dynamitable Axis objectives
  • A time bomb on the last map section. This has been highly inspired from the MLB Daybreak map. The layout in the last section of FG Warzone makes this objective much more interesting
  • 3 secret rooms. Note that they are in now way like the MLB secret rooms. You don access them the same way, they don give any specific bonuses and are located in map sections that aren strategic. They therefore only act as easter eggs
Flame Guards
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