ET-Mapscript: Railgun Tower Spawn v0.92

28.07.2007 : 17:41
This zip contains enhanced mapscripts for Railgun, based on the ETPro 3.1.13 mapscripts.
The mapscripts provide 2, 4 or 6 additional spawn positions at the upper level of the Tower near the Railgun.
You can choose the number accordingly to server size resp. style of play.


--> ET » Stuff » Railgun Tower Spawn v0.92
How it works:
The "Axis Tower Spawn" is enabled at mapstart.
It will be disabled when Axis capture the "Depot Yard".
When Allies recapture the "Depot Yard", the "Axis Tower Spawn" is enabled again.
The "Axis Tower Spawn" gets disabled permanently, when Axis transported the ammo back to the crane, i.e. when Axis have to drive the 2nd tug.