ET-Mod: ETpub 0.4.3 veröffentlicht

27.04.2005 : 22:33
Das Modteam um tjw hat den ETPub-Mod in Version 0.4.3 veröffentlicht.

ETPub 0.4.3 is released! This release contains so many new features, it's hard to do this release justice in this short feature list:
  • Merged 2.60 Enemy Territory Source code
  • A Macintosh build is included in this release
  • Added poison needles!!!
  • Improved hitboxes and antilag
  • More shrub commands implemented: !lol, !launch/!launcha, !fling/!flinga, !throw/!throwa, !reset, !restart, !pip/!pop
  • Improved goomba kill functionality
  • Configurable ammo and health cabinet recharge times
  • Many more features, adjustments and bug fixes!

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