ET-Map: Radar Summer 1.2.0

09.07.2007 : 18:47

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I've always liked Würzburg Radar, I just wished it would stop raining.
So I have done a conversion of this classic ET map to make it sunny with unlimited views to the horizon. To make it more interesting than just having nicer weather, I included these changes:
  • Extra Axis spawn location in the Road Hut - this helps them fight back more quickly when Allies take the Bunker. They will automatically spawn there if the Allies capture the bunker, unless the side door has been blown.
  • 2 extra Allied primary objectives - destroy the North and South Radar Stations.
  • New Allied victory conditions: achieve any 3 of the 4 primary objectives for victory. That is, Allies win if they steal both radar parts and blow up one station, or if they steal one radar part and blow up both stations.
  • A lot of the player clipping has been removed, allowing players to get onto high places previously not possible.
  • The tank in the garage can now be repaired by Axis, and driven up the road to a defensive position.
  • New terrain textures, and things like owl hoots replaced with bird song.
  • Axis respawn time reduced from 30 secs to 24 secs.
  • Extra Side Door must be blown to gain access.

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