Sound Design Toolkit Vol. 1

08.06.2007 : 00:45
Sonic Valley Prouductions, The sound design team that brought big sound to mods such as Iron Grip, The Hidden and Desert Conflict and currently working on Hard Rain, Obsidian Edge 2 and No More Room In Hell are pleased to present a new tool for the mod community. The Sound Design Toolkit Vol 1 is a collection of almost 100 sound fx recorded and created by the SVP team for mappers and modders to use freely without any obligation in their projects.

"Often we have alot of audio that we create that never sees the light of day in our projects" says Sonic Valley General Manager Hermann Rauth, "So we decided a while back to take some of those samples and put them together in a collection. It's our way of not wasting alot of hard work and creates an oppurtunity for us to give something to the mod community, which is one of our main help out mods."

However alot of the audio has been specially recorded for this collection such as Aircraft like F18 bombing runs, Military jet take offs and landings from F15's and the C17 Globemaster as well as a nice radial engine stunt plane. Other sounds include weapons like Anti tank, Sniper Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Whizbys, Explosions, Tanks and much more.


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