Wolfenstein 'stylised' concept art?

13.05.2007 : 02:09
We've not had anything related to Wolfenstein for a long time so these (speculative) concepts sketches come as a bit of a relief to Wolf fans worried about the silence.

A bit of history; the artwork you're about to see is by an artist that's done some concept work for Raven before (the developers behind the upcoming Wolf), you'll see a lot of his previous work for Quake 4 on his site. These Wolf concepts are more than likely 'dead' ideas which haven't made it into the game, which is why they should have been cleared for public showing (if not I'll pull these and the links as and when); but they definitely give a clear idea as to the art direction and style of what we can expect. You can see the rest of them at his web site. NOTE: keep in mind this is not confirmed artwork so think of them as 'speculative' visuals for the game; this is the artist just pimping his skills;

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