Tutorial: Brush Terrain & Megatexture

11.05.2007 : 01:05
"Although Mega Texture doesn't actually use brushes for the terrain itself that doesn't mean a 'traditional' brush based terrain entity can't be used in the production process, in fact, doing so may make it easier to make a Mega Texture terrain.

A new tutorial has just been added to the tutorial list answers a few questions and walks through the process of how you can indeed use brush based terrain objects for Mega Texture terrain (in the upcoming Quake Wars).

So 'yes', you can use GTK Radiant and other terrain editing tools to build a terrain for use with Mega Texture.

The tutorial also includes some short video clips showing the process as well as the usual images and text to read through. You'll be making Mega Texture terrain before you know it, and that's before the game comes out, well, the mesh part anyway!"

Tutorial @ KatsBits:

--> Brush Terrain & Megatexture
Community Enemy Territory
| KatsBits