ET-Mod: baconET 2.1.6

10.05.2005 : 13:58
-bacon- hat eine neue Version (V 2.1.6) seiner Mod veröffentlicht.

Extract all 3 archives to a folder called baconet in your et root.
    • XP can be disabled, Q3/RTCW scoring is done when XP is disabled (cvar: b_disableXP).
    • XP can be awarded for damage given (cvar: b_damageXP).
    • Players can receive 3xp if another player /kill's in battle (cvar: b_damageXP).
    • Level4 soldiers can have their smg in weaponbank 2 or 3 (cvar: cb_smgSlot).
    • Falloff distance can be turned off (cvar: b_modifier).
    • Added a better shuffle algorithm and map restarting can be disabled (cvar: b_shuffle).
    • Fixed some abnormalities with team deathmatch.
    • Changed "Highest Fragger" award to "Best Fragger" and changed it to most damage given instead of most kills.
    • Fixed several issues with linux binaries.
    • Spectators can no longer hear when a covert ops spots a landmine.
    • Fixed tripmine wire colours (i.e. they're now red for axis tripmines and blue for allied tripmines).
    • Enabled the special command (cvar: b_special).
    • Fixed the bug where panzerfausts would change to pistol after shooting with level 4 heavy weapons.
    • Fixed a bug where allied soldiers could spawn with the MP40.
    • Fixed a bug where medics could only use the syringe when b_steal was set to 1.
    • Fixed a bug where the console would spam about the Axis team reaching the fraglimit.

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