TC:E - Maps, Models & Accessoires

20.05.2005 : 02:29

As promised here is a little update on how things are going. At the moment we are progressing steadily with all things mentioned in the previous post (mapping, modelling, skinning and coding). We currently have 1 new weapon, the Aug assault rifle that has been fully modelled and skinned as well as few others that have yet to be unveiled. The mapping is coming along nicely with only minor fixes and cosmetics being done to a couple of maps. Speaking of mapping some of you may have noticed on the WIP page I have posted a few shots of a very famous TC map and yes you have all guessed right it's bahamut.

Traumahawk has been frantically working on the player’s accessories. Some might overlook these as they are accessories to the player’s look but as I’m sure you’ll agree they are certainly worth the great deal of time that has been invested in them. These include a newly modelled and UV mapped body vest with the help of Ian aka gizmo also magazine and utility pouches. To compliment this new body vest and accessories a new radio has been modelled and skinned also.
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