ET-Map: Sniper Lake TE (Beta 2)

25.03.2007 : 12:21
Including ETpro Snipermod

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Two small compounds located on the shores of Sniper Lake were constructed. Axis & Allies had weapons and supplies airlifted in only to find out that it was crates of sniper rifles only.
This is a good sized map for 10-15 players per side.
The Axis/Allies need to hold off the enemy troops with nothing but a knife and sniper rifle. The Axis/Allies need to find cover and stay alive until fresh supplies are airdropped in.

SniperPro v1.0

A MOD for ETPRO designed to use in professional sniper wars.


- disables player detection in command map (both limbo and in-game expanded map), and in compass aswell
By this way players can't use maps or compass to detect enemies, they have to find enemies in normal game view.

- even uniforms for both team, to get same condition for both teams.

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