ET-Map: Stargate-Center 1945 (Final) / Bugfix

06.03.2007 : 13:08

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The Axis have infiltradet the Stargate Center in the Rockys near the Colorado River to steal two Boxes of high explosive Naquada which is supposed for an Airstrike over Hamburg (Germany). Axis have to hold the base till they can establish a Wormwhole to the other Gate in the infitrated Russia in order to escape. Allies must infiltrate the Stargate Center and secure the Naquada with a Truck.


  • added missing textures
  • gate destroy by satchel instead of dyna / harder tank repair
  • allies capture the forward bunker only if the tank reach the tunnel entrance
  • barriers removed
  • voice announce changes/fixes
  • reduced door opening time to 7 sec at the objective (need more teamwork to get the objective)
  • 15+10 min mission time (allies gain +10 min extra time if they reach the tunnel with the tank)
  • 12 sec allies / 20 sec axis respawn time
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