Enemy-Territory: Quake Wars Update

18.05.2005 : 20:12
TosspoT hat seine ersten Eindrücke eines ET:QW-Trailers in einer News auf veröffentlicht:

Today I had the privilidge to watch the ET Quake Wars trailer!

Today was setup day at E3 and the Activision booth was ready to rock and roll, amazingly I was less interested in the Quake4 and CoD2 sections as I walked straight towards the ET: Quake Wars section!!!

I have to say, when Trillian told me about this on the taxi from the Airport I thought it was an April Fools joke, and then I cast my memory back, to a newspost about a space based FPS that Splash Damage was working on, and bang this was certainly it.

The Trailer certainly worries me that my Panzerfaust skills may soon be "modernised" (well they werent really skills anyway) - However the trailer, reminded me more of Dune 2000, with air units and tanks, throw in the new weapons and combat types, it certainly does not have an MP40! However it includes some form a class system, with medics now using shock paddles to revive people rather than the old fashioned syringes. There was a huge variety of weapons in a whole variety ranges of weapons that were on display.

I certainly cannot draw any facts from this, and I'm only going on the minute or so of trailer that was on offer, however it is safe to say this game has no Axis or Allies!

Follow E3 on Radio iTG as we will be streaming our Video Stream which will be operational for the Acon5, GuildWars and VSports Allstars aswell as many trailers as we are able to get ahold of! hat zwei neue Screenshots veröffentlicht: