ETpro Mapscript: Goldrush: New Spawnpoints

04.02.2007 : 11:00
"Due to problems on my public server of Allies spawncamping Axis once both gold crates are secured, I decided to try to force Allies to take the truck and finish the map by creating some new spawnpoints for Axis round the back of tank barrier 2, which breaks the Allies hold on the courtyard.

Couple of problems though. First off, I had to decrease the wait time from 500 to 200 before setting the first autospawn points to even get the script to work, otherwise I had Axis spawning at the bank on mapstart. I can live with that, but what is annoying is the fact that the new spawnpoints mess up the spawn point allocations, which means that anyone who uses a bind/script to choose their spawn point ends up in the wrong place." ~McSteve


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