ET-Tool: BBQ-Bot 0.40

18.05.2005 : 21:47
Marko hat Version 0.40 seines Tools BBQ-Bot für ET veröffentlicht.

BBQ Bot is an Enemy Territory server administration tool designed to run directly on servers. The bot parses all game events information and sends events back to the server or to an IRC channel.

BBQ therefore offers the opportunity to automatically control certain features of the server such as getting rid of people who keep swearing or insulting others by casting swear strikes. After a certain amount of strikes, the player will be kicked 1 minute from the server he is playing on.

The bot can also be used to remote administrate a server. Indeed, specific alerts can be triggered in player chats and send a specific alert to the channel. This means players can easily report a spawn killer or a request for an admin to come on the server by typing a message such as !admin or !spawnkiller (those commands can be completely customised).

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