ET-Skinpack: Reality Skins

08.01.2007 : 12:08
It is a mod made by Giancarlo Schiano for classic Wolfenstein ET, Fritzbot or No Quarter mod (and all his new features and weapons).
This mod change alot of stuff, skins and sounds (taked by many others mod and movies or videogames like CoD2).


--> ET » Skinpacks » Reality Skins
  • all the weapons skins of Wolfenstein ET and No Quarter mod are changed
  • all characters skins are changed (the allied division rapresent the 3rd infantry division 15th regiment, you can see the most famous photo in main screen of the assault to Provenza).
    The allied unit use the wool uniform and the M41 field jacket with correct position of the buttons, all the suspenders correspond to the real back pack and also the belt (the engineer in front of his belt have the pocket used to hold the M7 grenades launcher, the soldier use the M2 vest generally used to carry heavy ammunition, the medic use the musette bag and M36 suspenders, engineer use the haversack twith correct suspender, the covertops use the musette bag with M36 suspender, the field ops the radio bag and his belt and in front side of it you can see the shotgun ammunition punch) and new underwear.
  • some stuffs in the game are changed like muzzle flash or smoke
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