ET-Soundpack: No Mercy Soundpack

30.12.2006 : 21:27
Das Soundpack von DyNasty ändert nicht nur die Sounds, geändert werden auch Waffentexturen und andere Grafiken.


  • Waffensounds
  • Sounds von Fahrzeugen
  • Sounds des Spielers
  • Waffenskins
  • Ladebildschirm leicht geändert
  • Neues Startbild
  • Neue Axis-Win-Fahne
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Are you tired of the stock sounds of the weapons in this game? Do you crave for some new noises? To go one step further... do you crave for some new looks to such things as the weapons and the mine flags? If you answered yes, then you are definatly in the right place! We have, for your gaming enjoyment, a great sound pack to vspruce up ET a bit... but this sound pack is not limited to changing sounds! This pack will make some changes to the look of some of the items in the game as well! How sweet is that?!Wolfenstein Files