Tool: QuArK 6.5.0 Beta 1

02.12.2006 : 11:07
Eine neue Version von QuArK, dem "Schweizer Messer für Modder", ist mit massenhaft Fixes erschienen. Am besten Informiert man sich auf der QuArK Website was das Tool alles zu bieten hat.

Download & Info:

--> Download "QuArK 6.5.0 Beta 1" @
--> QuArK Website
Some Fixes:
  • Started a new Model Editor Infobase section and their direct function links from the Model Editor.
  • Added a new sub-menu to the Model Editors "Options" menu, with various methods of rotation in 3D views to choose from.
  • Added higher texture-size support (only works in OpenGL).
  • Changed Grid Scale displayed numbers to RED for better viewing in Textured 2D mode.
  • Up graded QuArK to use Python 2.4.4 for added future support development and expansion.
  • Fixed error and to display texture of bezier texture selection list change.
  • Fixed extruder 2D view to Unrestricted other items when view is closed.
  • Made a fix to stop filling multiple dropdown list with erroneous data, for example like a misc_model entity.
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