ETFortress 1.3 Linux Full Download Fixed

18.04.2005 : 19:24

In einer News hat LaVaGoD mitgeteilt, dass der Linux V 1.3 Full Installer nach einem Problem gefixt wurde.

1.3 Linux Full Download Fixed

We encountered an issue with the Linux 1.3 full installer and have fixed the problem and updated our file section with the fixed file. If you had any problems with the linux full installer then we ask you to please try and download the fixed file from one of our mirrors in the file section.

The md5 for the correct Linux full is: 67a327d265e3f4e7d1d4a25b43f3d53c *

The other md5's are: 77ecec420692920001ad0763ef69e01e *etf13_install.exe 4edebfcc892584f0218ac1e22e74390d *etf13_update.exe b6188af581d381964a506f07120e9496 *

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