ET-Bot: FritzBot (Final + Updated)

13.10.2006 : 23:56

Ein Patch ist heute für den FritzBot erschienen. Den Download finden sie entweder auf der FritzBot Website oder Sie laden die gepatchte Version bei uns herunter.

Download & Help:

--> ET » Bots » FritzBot ET (Final + Patch)
--> Waypoint Tool User Guide

"This patch for FritzBot ET fixes a few navigation issues in a few of the waypoint files, and also adds a few nav files that I forgot to add."

"It took me a lot longer then I intended to get around to releasing this, but here it is for your enjoyment.

Includes all the latest waypoint files and fixes, as well as some minor bug fixes in the code:

1. High skill bots are better at avoiding landmines in commonly placed areas.
2. Medics with akimbos will properly TK revive you now.
3. A few other misc things that I''ve forgotten.

Thanks to everyone whos supported the mod over the years.

This is a complete install, so you don''t need an older version of Fritz to use this. Extract it into your ET folder." ~Maleficus

Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein | Mal's Whorehouse