ET-Mod: No Quarter (Beta 1.0.4)

27.10.2006 : 01:34

Der Mod 'No Quarter' kommt mit allerhand Extras für ET. Neue Waffen, diverse Sinnvolle (und optionale Spaßige) Änderungen, CVAR's für Serveradmins u.v.m.
Zu viel um es in eine News zu packen, deshalb ist ein Besuch auf der Modpage empfehlenswert.

Download & Info:

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--> 'No Quarter' Website


  • Originally based on ETPub, but with lots of changes, no player/kill ratings or ATB, overall less stat based.
  • New weapons, including a Shotgun, BAR, StG44, Bazooka, and MP34.
  • New skills up to level 9, including Pistol Executions and Battlefield Resuscitation (CPR)
  • More shrubbot commands, including !pants, !glow, searchable !showbans, and !freeze
  • New ranks, totalling 19, unlike the original 11. Rank ensignia differs per team.
  • Aura skills, much like RPGs, with region of effect.
  • Insanity fun modes, including instant spawn, guided or homing rockets, panzer and mortar camera, and firebolt throwing.
  • New player face skins
  • Fun new end game awards
  • Visible player leaning
  • Droppable weapons and droppable clips, for ammo sharing
  • Underwater oxygen bar
  • ETPro style head hitboxes
  • Realism options, including realistic proning and no shooting while on ladders
  • Customizable landmine and airstrike smoke color, per team
  • Customizable weapon scripts

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