ET-Tool: GamesTV UB (Beta 0.2.2)

15.08.2006 : 18:11
Mit gtvUB ist es möglich kommende GamesTV-Übertragungen auf einen Blick einzusehen ohne jedesmal die GTV-Website besuchen zu müssen. Das Programm benötigt .Net Framework von Microsoft. Das Programm minimiert sich im Systray und informiert selbstständig über neue Übertragungen.

-[ Download gtvUB (Beta 0.2.2) ]-

It's a software that show the next broadcasts availiable on GamesTV, you can also view the servers for this game and directly join them by clicking on the IP. You can use it anonymously or with your GamesTV account, if you use your account, you will also be able to use the timezone you set on as well as the link format for the gameservers.

Main features:

  • Show the match list
  • Abbility to choose how many days you want to see
  • Possiblity to set a reminder on a match
  • Show the match priority, the number of slots, the tournament, the game on one line
  • Possibility to directly use your GamesTV account with it
  • You can choose the dateformat used on the War pages
  • The match summary use your local timezone instead of the CET or GMT time
  • Automatic refresh every 5 minutes of the match list and a message is shown to tell you there were some changes on GamesTV
  • You can check if there is any new version availiable in the About window
  • Easy to use tab system with Openall and Closeall functions
  • A war page with the same functions as GamesTV's one (except the comments)
  • Minimizing to tray
  • Possibility to start the software with Windows
  • Close a tab by double-clicking on it
  • Date format for both War and General tab
  • Automatic refresh when Days is changed in the settings

You need the .net Framework in its 2.0 version, you can download it by Windows update or directly from Microsoft website using the Redistribuable package.RtCW2-Prison
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