ETF 1.4 am Montag und Change Log

11.05.2005 : 11:36

Am Montag, dem 16.05.2005 soll die Version 1.4 von ETFortress erscheinen.

1.3 - 1.4 Change Log:

Code / Gameplay / GUI

  • Fixed demo list to include both dm_83 and dm_84
  • demo filenames no longer uppercased
  • Server browser now only shows servers that run your version of ETF
  • Server browser includes player list (name, score, ping) for selected server
  • New effects for flash grenade and HE charge
  • Quad glow (size & colour) around weapons & missiles fixed
  • Burninate the weapon you’re holding
  • fixed long timestamps in log messages being overwritten
  • removed " was gunned down by " MOD_SHOTGUN death message (was duplicate)
  • sentrygun new idles during ceasefire
  • kicks through vote and admin menu now uses client id internally (operates through clientkick)
  • fixed admin match menu


- no longer able to take ball into "out" room
- Juiced now gives 1 grenade

- Duplicate packs no longer happen
- Resupply moved to the left
- Anti-grenade trigger on resupply activates when someone starts walking out

- Teamscore 50 happened on one control room det, but not the other. Removed.
- Flag now shows on HUD when you carry one